To be the tri-state’s most effective advertising solution

We haven’t taken our eyes off of this goal since we started in 1948.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved since we were one of the first television stations in country. Not only have we helped to define television viewing for generations of New Yorkers, but we’ve also proven that in a multi-screen world ads on multiple platforms are twice as effective as those just on TV.

We’re going to continue pursuing our mission to help people find and enjoy local news, weather and entertainment content when, where, and how they way it. And we’ll continue creating a service that viewers and advertisers love until we eventually, finally, reach our goal.

Weather. Set. Go!

PIX11 and the Weather Channel have partnered as weather leaders and trusted brands.

The Weather Channel compliments PIX11’s local media with little audience overlap. The combination of top local meteorologists and national expertise, powerful reach and the best precision targeting create a powerful advertising solution for the tri-state.

What’s your weather strategy?

Why PIX11 Media Solutions Work

Weather-Synced Ads

Weather based advertising formats that aligns your message with forecasted and current conditions on and Weather Channel.


World-class technology built to deliver high quality news and weather content across all devices

Local News and Weather Content

Premium local news and weather content  from the best team of reporters in the tri-state

Custom Creative

Custom-built creative and sponsorships that drive higher engagement and results


Best in class targeting that delivers the right ad, to the right person, at the right time

Weather Sync Technology

Weather is relevant, personal, always local – and always with consumers throughout their day.
Plan and activate your marketing strategy against it. 

Photographs by Shauna Little. Follow her on Instagram.
  • Temperature Ranges

    Air conditioners sell when the thermometer hits 90. Pipes freeze when it goes below freezing. What temperature range is important to your business?

  • Conditions

    Is it sunny and clear? That’s a great day to get outside and go to the zoo or a festival. Is it snowing? That SUV looks a lot more appealing now! What weather condition is important to your business?

  • Relative Market Conditions

    It’s all about deviations from the norms. Higher than usual pollen count? Time to go to the allergist. Unbearably humid out? Women’s hair will be out of control. A great time for hair product ad. What relative marketing condition is important to your business?

  • Product/Activity Conditions

    Available exclusively through the Weather Channel web and mobile. Take advantage of the connection between location and the effect of weather conditions on consumer behavior. Overlaying sales information with weather data, you’ll be able to precisely target with tri-state residents are more likely to be outdoors, eat out, or even buy tires!

Available On

Original Programming

PIX11’s own premium and distinctive shows, created by top talent from around the world.

PIX11 News

PIX11 produces over 39 hours of local news each week.

PIX11 Originals

PIX11’s original programming tickles the taste buds and stimulates the mind. Celebrity Taste Makers, hosted by Lisa Mateo brings food and fame together as celebrities bring Lisa to their favorite restaurant for their favorite meal. Sports Desk with Scott Stanford tackles the biggest plays in sports. News Close Up with Marvin Scott explores the hottest political issues of our city.

Special Series

PIX11’s Special Features are integrated into our local news programming, giving you a unique and exclusive look inside our community. Tamsen Fadal takes you Backstage on Broadway every Thursday night. Mr. G, New York’s weatherman tells the stories of the best of us in his weekly It’s a G Thing series.


PIX11 provides best-in-class consultancy in research, reporting, insights and analytics, helping advertisers and marketers maximize ROI with measurement at the core.






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